I began making monotypes in the mid 1980s, as a way to explore imagery quickly while working on time consuming paintings and sculpture. I soon began attending printmaking residencies for access to presses. As a result of exposure to great printshops and other printmakers, I expanded my practice to include linocut, woodcut, chine colle, etching, aquatint and a host of photo based techniques. I currently work primarily out of my own Blue Mouse Studios, in Aptos, California.

Ten Steps, 2017

Ten Steps refers to my relationship with Iceland. Iceland is a land of terrific beauty, where the profound beauty and the forces of nature governs daily life. Each corner turned is a new discovery I simply cannot ignore. In Iceland, am unable to travel ten steps without the aching need to shoot yet another photograph or video.

Ten Steps is an ongoing project that involves printmaking, sculpture and animated film.

Stampede: 100 Icelandics, 2015

In 2011 I took my first trip to Iceland as an equestrian. Since then I have visited the country three times more, as a rider and as an artist at Listhus Artists’ residency. I ride Icelandic horses at Mountain Icelandic Farm in Watsonville, California.

Since my first trip to Iceland, imagery from the country has seeped into my paintings and prints. Stampede: 100 Icelandics, is an installation of one hundred solar plate prints of Icelandic horses, based on 100 Views of Mount Fuji, Hokusai's wood cut prints of the 1830s.

Stampede: 100 Icelandics
Stampede: 100 Icelandics
Stampede: 100 Icelandics
Stampede: 100 Icelandics
Stampede: 100 Icelandics

Liminal Terrain, 2015

The project titled Liminal Terrain began as a tiny kernel of an idea, sketched out on a napkin, on the floor of a deep cave in the middle of nowhere. It became the most complicated print project of my career. It is a five-panel linocut over digital output. As a result of an international competition sponsored by Akua Color, it was highlighted in Then and Now, an exhibition at Central Booking Art Space in NYC in 2015.

Liminal Terrain
Liminal Terrain N1
Liminal Terrain N2
Liminal Terrain N3
Liminal Terrain N4
Liminal Terrain N5

Grove, 2014

Grove is a series of prints created alongside my students in the spring 2015 semester at Monterey Peninsula College. I selected a single image and made prints in every technique that was taught during the course of that semester. The results include monoprint, monotype, trace monotype, chine colle, collograph, cardboard drypoint, line etching and aquatint.

Grove N1
Grove N2
Grove N3
Grove N4
Grove N5
Grove N6

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